• Double Zup Handle

Double Zup Handle




The DoubleZUP™ Tow Handle and Rope is designed for use with the versatile ZUP® Boards, and will also work with other boards.  The unique patent pending design of this tow handle, helps remove the stress on the rider, as they get to a full standing position. The innovative double handle system comes with a 60 foot low-stretch polyethylene mainline that’s brightly colored for visibility in all water conditions. Great for all ages and skill levels. 

DoubleZUP™ Key Features

  • Designed for use with the ZUP® Board, and works with other Boards as well. 
  • Innovative patent pending Double Handle system is easy and safe to connect and reconnect anytime during your ride, no stopping needed! Never worry about pinched fingers when reattaching.
  • Includes a Brightly colored (Safety Lime-Yellow)  60 foot low-stretch polyethylene mainline 
  • Most Safe and Unique features of any Tow Handle on the market today. 
  • Durable Construction 
  • Each DoubleZUP™ Handle ships with a Header Card, How to Use and Safety information 
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs 
  • Dimensions:  12″L x 5″W x 18″H 
  • Color:  Lime-Yellow Float and Rope for Safety (easy to spot in the water!) 
  • Blue Handles