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The Box Anchor is a state of the art offshore anchor that brings anchoring to a new level of sophistication, allowing you to have more control over the placement of your boat in any situation, regardless of the current and bottom condition.

Making the Box Anchor easier to handle, it requires no chain and only a 2 to 1 scope; that’s twice the depth of the water and half the amount of line required for a traditional anchor.

The Box Anchor is designed to do all the work for you: just kill the engine and toss the anchor overboard; it’s that easy. The Box Anchor will hit the bottom, roll to its side, and set within one foot with no need to power down.

The Box Anchor’s unique patented design allows it to hold your boat at a 45 degree angle from the bottom, digging the downward facing flukes firmly into the bottom without snagging them permanently on debris.

When it comes to retrieval, just pull the line to bring the boat over the top of the anchor and the lack of upward facing surface area will allow the Box Anchor to pop right off the bottom.

This same principal works in wind or current change. With a traditional anchor, if you are in a cove or canyon and the wind direction suddenly changes, you have to power up the boat, retrieve the anchor, and try to reset it to accommodate the new situation. The Box Anchor has been designed to take care of all of this for you. The new wind direction brings the boat over the top of the anchor freeing it from the bottom, but as the boat passes over the top of the anchor and continues towards its new resting place, the Box Anchor simply rolls over on its other side to set firmly in the new direction.

When it comes time for storage, simply retrieve the anchor, release the stainless steel stabilizing arm, and fold the Box Anchor completely flat to be stored in its complimentary ventilated storage bag.

  • Small Box Anchor                    Offshore / Sport 18' to 30', cabin cruiser to 24'
  • Large  Box Anchor                   Offshore / Sport to 40', cabin cruiser to 32'