• 2017 Phase 5 Fireball
Phase 5

2017 Phase 5 Fireball

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E-Glass  E-Glass is the most economic and commonly used glass in the board industry. It is very strong yet flexible and provides good strength.

Epoxy  Increased strength and stiffness especially when combined with carbon fiber.

EPS  Ultra light weight 2 lb.density core used in Phase Five surfboards. EPS foam melts at 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid extreme heat and prolonged exposure to elements.

V.R.T. (Vacuum Ribbed Technology)  Refined vacuum assisted hand lamination process with built in glass/bar stringers on the bottom edge of the board for extra strength and pop.

Texture  Textured finish used on selected premium boards. Less weight and increased performance.

Propel  Propietary material used to create digital graphic inlays.


Concave Deck High Control  Concave deck provides a fatter, more stable platform for the rider. Acts as an assist for the rider to land tricks.

Same Shape as Matrix Model


Skim + Surf Fin Setup  For the first time, have the best of both worlds! Ride as a twin fin surf style, and when you're ready for a skimboard feel run the new double skim style setup. This is the most versatile fin configuration P5 has.


Diamond Groove EVA Traction with Arch Support