2016 Phase 5 Rio

Phase 5


One of the funnest board shapes that every surfer should own.

The Rio is a great primary board for the full bodied soul surfer or weekend warrior looking to unwind, as well as a sweet session change up for anyone. The Rio's full round nose runs back to the double bump wing section which gently steps down to a smooth round tail. The round tail shape rolls into turns smoothly and also provides plenty of stability for landings and moving around on the board. The width, volume and generous profile give it plenty of gas for a heavier surfer, but the Rio doesn't feel like a big guy board. The domed deck keeps most of the meat under your feet in the center, allowing the rails to stay trim which gives the board some bite when on edge. 

How much fun can you handle!? Ripping around, cheater 5's, ollies - the Rio can do it all. This board goes anywhere and is the ultimate crowd pleaser that can handle riders of all ability levels. If you're ready for a board that you can have a blast on and that everyone can ride regardless of the wave - climb aboard the new Phase 5 Rio.

The Rio comes with 4.3" surf style fins for the outside and can run optional fins on the inside to make the board a quad shape.

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