2016 Phase 5 Kong

Phase 5


Are you a bigger guy having a tough time riding without the rope? Working a smaller wave and tired of just trying to stay on it? Welcome to the Kong, a board built to handle even the biggest of riders  or the smallest of waves and not just stand there. With a weight limit upwards of 330 lbs. the Kong is like nothing the wakesurf world has ever seen.

Though it is the ideal board for bigger riders or smaller waves, the this board is by no means a tank. The Phase 5 Kong comes in at 62" (5' 2"), so it is far from being a massive deck that is impossible to move. So how can it keep a 300+ lb. rider on the wave? Answer = Technology. The Kong utilizes Phase 5's ultra fast speedline with minimal drag and a killer combination of materials to keep this board quick and agile. The Gatorskin Carbon / Aramid layup makes this board super stiff, extra durable and extremely strong - all combining together to give you a board that won't slow down on a bigger guy and a solid feel under your feet.

Though it is a great board for bigger guys, the Kong is appreciated by all seasoned longboard vets and riders looking to take advantage of a smaller wave. If you are working with an ankle high wave, the Kong will handle it no problem. With the smooth rail profile, this board can be ridden by smaller guys and not feel like a slug.

The Kong comes with 4.3" surf style fins for the outside and plugs to run optional fins on the inside, turning it into a quad fin charger.

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