2016 Inland Surfer Sweet Spot

Inland Surfer

Nothing is worse than underwhelming your friends with your line and having your style go unappreciated. Well boy, spend some time on the Inland Surfer Sweet Spot Wakesurf Board and soon you'll be dropping jaws. The Sweet Spot has a Rocket Rocker shape, STEPtech, and Vortex Channel; bringing support the pros need while accomodating less-skilled riders and setting them on track to pulverize boat wakes of all sizes. Add in a Carbon Rail, WoodLoc and EPS construction and the Sweet Spot gains some sweet protection against accidental dings and the durability to last into your pro-career. It comes with a pair of standard 9cm fins but has a 4-fin configuration setup for you to discover the fin setup that will compliment your riding best. Let the Inland Surfer Sweet Spot Wakesurf Board take you from filming faceplants to tech barrel riding this season.



Epoxy Infused TechnologyInland Surfer's top secret way of fully soaking the fiber glass with epoxy to create the strongest bond.

WoodLocThis process inserts laminated layers of wood into the board's top and bottom platform to increase strength, rigidity, and overall performance.

EPSExpanded Polystyrene, a light weight beaded foam used in the production of all Inland Surfer's epoxy wakesurfers.


STEPtechCreates a release point towards the tail of the board as the water flows through. This means more down the line speed and better release off the wake for bigger airs.

Vortex ChannelConcave channel near the front of the board that helps speed up water flow and injects air under the bottom of the board, producing faster speeds without pearling.


Rocket RockerThis profile has been designed to provide the absolute maximum down-the-line speed without sacrificing edge to edge performance.


Carbon RailLayer of Carbon Fiber along the entire rail of the board for added strength and durability.

White-Dyed Carbon FiberInland's top secret way of fully brushing the carbon glass with colored epoxy.


NoteAll surf style boards come with 1 pair of standard 9 cm surf fins only.

Quad Fin Configuration

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