2016 CWB Faction 137


Just like the Wayfarer is Ray Ban's classic shade, the CWB Faction Wakeboard isCWB s classic board. Redesigned this season to add versatility, this time-tested board is geared toward intermediate to advanced riders and features continuous rocker for a smooth, predictable ride that delivers plenty of height off the wake. Thanks to a shallow channel through the center of the board that gets slightly deeper toward the tip and tail, the Faction is fast yet highly maneuverable, providing just the right amount of edge on approach to the wake. Its Pro Core performs like it sounds and is constructed from a super light polyurethane foam proven to withstand pro level abuse. Throw in its four bolt-on fins and you've got yourself a board that lends classic steez to any rider's quiver.


ROCKER TYPEBoulder Boats ProShopCWB

Continuous RockerSmooth, fast and predictable ride with soft landings.


Shallow Spine


Variable Center Channel


Pro CoreA super light density closed cell polyurethane foam proven to withstand pro level abuse.


SmorgLaminated Nexus shell with UV protection, lightweight and very durable.


Four 1" Bolt-On Fins

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Type: Wakeboards

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