Demo Board Program Policy

By borrowing a Demo Product from Boulder Boats Brokers LLC, the borrower certifies that they are at least 18 years of age and agree to the following terms:

  • A valid credit card must be saved on file before the product may leave the property. 
  • Demo Product must be returned by 4 pm on the 7th day of the demo period. Unless otherwise specified by a Boulder Boats manager.
  • Failure to return Demo Product on time may result in an attempt to contact.
  • Any Demo Product over 24 hours late being returned will be deemed stolen.
  • In the event of stolen property, we may attempt to contact parties in possession.
  • Any stolen property over 14 days late will be charged to the card on file at full retail regardless of Year, Make, Model.
  • I release Boulder Boat Brokers LLC., the owners, employees, assigns, and heirs of any liability associated with this Demo Product.
  • I understand that watersports are inherently dangerous and requires the ability to swim and knowledge of the ocean and rip currents, as well as local waterways laws and regulations; that this Demo Product is not a Coast Guard approved flotation device, that I have inspected this Demo Product and understand that Boulder Boat Brokers LLC., the owners, employees, assigns and heirs are/is in no way liable for my use or misuse of said Demo Product.