• 2014 CWB Absolute 135 Wakeboard

2014 CWB Absolute 135 Wakeboard

The CWB Absolute Wakeboard is the perfect board for the beginner rider looking to progress rapidly into popping off the wake. The Absolute comes with a removable center fin, which allows the board to track straight through the water for easy learning. Once comfortable in the wake, removing the center fin gives the Absolute more maneuverability for open water and quick direction changes, while still remaining user-friendly and forgiving thanks to the molded-in rails. When the time comes, the subtle three-stage rocker provides ample pop off the wake, and CWB's middle spine softens impacts by displacing water on landing.



Continuous RockerSmooth, fast and predictable ride for soft landings


Mini-Steps2 rows of 6 V-shaped mini steps increase speed while reducing drag

SpineFull length centered spine for soft landings


Pro CoreSuper light density closed cell polyurethane foam proven to withstand pro level abuse.


SmorgLaminated Nexus shell with UV protection, lightweight and very durable.


(2x) Molded-in Rails / (1x) Bolt-on Center FinUse the bolt-on center-fin for beginner riders getting comfortable in the wake. Remove it once the rider is ready for more open water. The 2 molded-in rails will still provide plenty of grip and tracking.